What is Sendero/New Beginnings Mexico?

SS1Sendero de Esperanza y Amor (Pathway of Hope and Love) is the children’s education program connected to New Beginnings Mexico which supports many children and their families living in extreme poverty in the Bosque de Progreso, Gardenia, and Magisterio neighborhoods near the site of the old dump.

Andy and Janet Stevenson, from New Beginnings Mexico, established strong relationships with that community and have been offering educational, vocational, nutritional, legal, and medical assistance for many years. Andy and Janet recently made the decision to leave Mexico and return home to Canada to continue their mission work. The New Beginnings facilities are being given to Gold Creek Mexico (h) which is funded by Gold Creek Community Church out of Mill Creek, Washington. Pastor Luis Miguel plans to offer all of the spiritual programs and many of the support projects under the name New Beginnings- Gold Creek.

Children’s Shelter of Hope Foundation will continue, through Sendero, to support the needs of children living in this area by:

• Arranging for psychological services several days each week,
• Overseeing educational needs and communicating regularly with families and schools,
• Donating shoes and educational supplies,
• Paying salaries for enrichment classes such as the boxing instructor and crafts teacher who work with the children at the New Beginnings center every Saturday.
• Assisting with heath issues, and
• Promoting our SOS scholarship program to capable, dedicated students living in this area.