Board Members

We as board members are volunteers, involved and committed to helping the children in need here in Mexico. We know the children at our various projects – we agonize over their struggles and celebrate their successes. We are concerned, inspired, zealous advocates, PASSIONATE about GIVING CHILDREN HOPE.

Christine Amo

ME with MichelePortland, Oregon:  Being with children has always been my passion.  Since I was 5 years old I knew that I would be a teacher of young children – guiding their social/emotional and educational development; shaping their lives; learning from loving them!  I spent 30 years as a teacher of Kindergarten and primary aged children in Portland, Oregon before retiring to spend my winters in Puerto Vallarta.  I am an active advocate for the needs of children both in the United States and in Mexico, and have a doctorate degree in Curriculum and Instruction for Young Children.

I have been actively involved as a volunteer and fundraiser for several of our projects for many years.  I love spending time with the children regularly; particularly in my role as the Shoe Fairy. I also enjoy getting to know you all, our donors and supporters, who write or come for visits and tours, and who help us so much to make a difference in the lives of these amazing children in Puerto Vallarta.

I treasure my time at our projects, and have been learning a great deal from these amazing children.

A friend shared this quote with me recently – “Retirement is when you stop living at work and start working at living.”  I am grateful to be retired, healthy and able to pursue my passion for the children here in Mexico.

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Susan Solomon 
10 x 10 Child Sponsorship Coordinator
Chris’ Little Sister

Montrose, Colorado:  Perhaps it’s in our blood, but I too have always been drawn to most young children, and especially babies and toddlers.  Since my “retirement from parenthood” when my own 2 children left our nest 5 years ago, I’ve been busy as a licensed home child care provider.  I love watching as they explore and discover their world.  I often think about how lucky they are with comfortable homes, healthy food, and loving parents.  I know that there are less-fortunate children in Puerto Vallarta, and I’m happy to be a contributor and volunteer for the CSHF as they directly support many of the least-fortunate with essential needs, school and educational expenses, and the loving care of their providers.

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Dylan Amo

DylanPortland, Oregon: My mother has talked to me constantly for the past nine years about the work that Children’s Shelter of Hope Foundation has been doing to help the children in Puerto Vallarta.  Then I started to visit and saw for myself all that is being done and got hooked.

I have a background in political advocacy work and a desire to make the world a better place.  I have skills and a talent for design and communication (helpful now as Communications Coordinator for CSHF) and experience in finance and bookkeeping (useful as in my interim treasurer role) that I have happily provided during the past six months to help the children and this crazy passion that my mother has.

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Teresa Ryssemus

I was born in Bogota, Columbia, South America. When I was 20, I married a Dutchman and together we moved to California to make it our home. We have 5 children and 10 grandchildren and therefore children are very special to me. We like Puerto Vallarta very much and spend four to five months here during the winter.

My background is in business. When my husband, Henk, decided to start his own electronic company in the Silicon Valley, I became very involved doing the businesses books, including payroll. I also have some nurses’ training but did not complete my degree since at the time we were moving from one state to the other.

I have always admired the work being done for children in Puerto Vallarta. I feel that the best attribute I will be bringing, as a new board member, is my ability to speak Spanish fluently since it is my first language.

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DSCN1651Pauline Wallis

I was born and brought up in New York City working as a School Psychologist until retirement in 2003. I have been a winter resident for 10 years actively involved in fundraising, with an eye toward determining how those funds can be most effectively used to benefit the children and families in the Puerto Vallarta area.

My concerns have always been the education and well being of children and as a result have become a board member of the Children’s Shelter for Hope Foundation.

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Sallylynn Hurtuk

Boise, Idaho. My husband and I first visited PV 30 years ago. We have been annual winter visitors for the past 13 years. One or more of our 5 daughters and their families will join us to kick back at Playa de los Muertos in Old Town.

We have been foster parents in the Casey Family program in years past and are adoptive parents of our youngest, Micaela. She is of Mexican descent and has been a fund raiser for CSHF “Micaela’s Dream” for the past 12 years.

I grew up in Bridgeport CT in a close-knit extended Italian family. I am reminded of those fond memories when I come to Vallarta. Mexican family ties are strong, like mine. I feel blessed to be able to help CSHF continue their work helping the children of Mexico.

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