Pasitos de Luz’s Current Needs

Many of the items we post on our wish list are inexpensive in the US and Canada but expensive in Mexico.  If you are coming to Puerto Vallarta for an extended stay or a brief visit we ask for your help and support.  Consider getting your friends, family and co-workers involved by donating old suitcases to transport these items or to cover the expense of the charges now implemented by airlines for baggage.


Current needs at Pasitos de Luz

      • Food items (large quantities) – i.e: sugar, oatmeal, beans, tuna, pasta, etc.
      • Hygiene needs – i.e: shampoo, soap, lotion, toothpaste, diapers, towels, etc.
      • Laundry and cleaning supplies – i.e.: bleach, disinfectant, mops, etc.
      • Equipment – i.e: washer, dryer, computers, fans, whiteboards, AC units, etc.