RISE 10 x 10 Program = More

The 10 x 10 Sponsorship Program began in 2009 with a very simple premise: even a small amount, when multiplied, provides more. It continues today, with 45 generous participants, many of whom sponsor more than one child. We encourage sponsors to help us multiply the CSHF message so that, together, we can provide a child’s complete, basic living needs. For each child living at RISE, those needs average $10 US/child for 24-hour care including shelter and a bed, healthy meals, clothing, shoes, transportation to and from school, tutoring, medical and dental care, and the extra comfort of a paid psychologist. Sponsors receive annual growth and interest reports, as well as beautiful photos of their sponsored child, allowing them a more meaningful and personal connection. Many look forward to receiving the updates and are especially touched to meet that child in person, if they’re visiting Puerto Vallarta. It’s a wonderful way to join their sponsored child’s “family,” when many have grown up never knowing their own parents.


We offer several sponsorship levels:

“Monthly 10 Donation” = $120/year

New “Daily Dollar Donation” = $365/year

New “Daily Coffee Donation” = $600/year

Other = any amount to help the children


Also new, those contributing at least $365/year toward the 10 x 10 Sponsorship Program will receive 10 blank, 5 x 7 note cards (and envelopes) featuring a variety of delightful RISE photos. While focusing interest on an individual child (or children), sponsors may be assured that all donations go toward the collective contributions for all RISE children. Donations may be made monthly or yearly, via Pay Pal or check (note “10 x 10″ and the child you wish to sponsor). For more information, please contact 10 x 10 Sponsorship Coordinator, Susan Solomon at susan@cshf-us.org.