A Brilliant Idea

The Shoe Fairy’s chief, most devoted assistant, Micaela Hurtuk, who has raised and donated several thousand dollars for shoes over the past few years, has come up with a wonderful new plan for providing shoes to children in need in Puerto Vallarta.  Micaela, who is in 11th grade at Sage International Charter School in Boise, Idaho met Kenton Lee, this past summer, who has started a company called the Shoe That Grows (www.theshoethatgrows.org).

ShoeWhile living and working in Nairobi, Kenya in 2007, Kenton noticed a little girl with shoes that were too small and thought “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a shoe that could adjust and expand so that poor children would always have shoes that fit.”  After five years of hard work the Shoe That Grows was born and is now being distributed in many impoverished areas of the world.  These amazing shoes are helping children who suffer from soil-transmitted diseases and parasites due to their living in areas that do not have adequate sanitation.  And, a shoe that grows five sizes insures that these children will have shoes that fit for many years.  These shoes are made with the highest quality materials – compressed rubber (similar to that of a car tire), anti-bacterial synthetic, and high grade, tactical velcro.  They are easy to clean and easy to use or expand.

Micaela’s latest dream is to raise money and purchase 50 pairs of these shoes for children living in the vicinity of New Beginnings/Sendero (near the old dump), and  to bring them to Puerto Vallarta via family and friends when she visits in February.  Kenton is willing to sell her these shoes for a reduced price of $15 per pair.

Micaela3Please, let’s all pitch in for this amazing gift of love right away and make Micaela’s new dream come true by sending donations to Children’s Shelter of Hope Foundation marked “For Micaela’s dream”.

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