DSCN1632We, at Children’s Shelter of Hope Foundation, are excited to share a new scholarship/sponsorship program, SOS or Sponsor One Student, being launched this month at Sendero de Esperanza y Amor.  The Sendero Board of Directors are currently identifying motivated, dedicated, and serious students in the Bay of Banderas area, enrolled in secondario (middle school), prepa (high school) or a university program, but in danger of dropping out of school for financial reasons.  The goal is to “rescue” these students by offering financial support, including enrollment and tuition expenses, transportation expenses, books, uniforms, shoes, backpacks, basic school supplies, etc.  Their attendance and progress will be closely monitored by the Sendero staff, and a minimum GPA (grade point average) will be required in order to continue receiving support.  At this time three students have already been accepted into the SOS program (including Alexis, pictured above, who used to live at RISE) and more are being considered as funds become available.

Las Palmas girls

The needs of these exceptional students vary a great deal, from only requiring tuition and bus money for an English class, since most English instruction in the public schools is not satisfactory (about $30 US/CDN per month for 10 months), to a much higher level of need for several university students who need housing closer to their school and a food allowance plus college tuition, bus transportation, uniforms, etc. (about $200 US/CDN per month for 10 months).  Sendero staff will conduct an intake interview with each student and their family and, for those who meet the GPA and economic poverty criteria, construct an individualized  support program, allowing them to remain in school and eventually reach their ultimate educational goal. What a wonderful way to break the cycle of poverty and bring hope to these deserving students and their families!

Our suggested donations levels for the SOS program are:

  •     A donation of $300 US/CDN for a full year of support for one student, or
  •     A donation of $150 US/CDN for a half year of support for one student, or
  •     A donation of $20 US/CDN each month.

Each donor will receive updates and photos of their sponsored student twice during the school year, and the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping to make a real difference through SOS – Sponsor One Student.

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