2 thoughts on “A week for the Children of Rise and Pasitos”

  1. Yes there will be poor kids, but just as the other person said as soon as you give soitmheng out to one kid the rest of them will come like sharks to feed.If you want to give soitmheng to someone you don’t have to look far you can ask some of the hotel staff, discretely very discreetly if they know anyone who would benefit from items that you brought. They don’t gave paid much maybe a couple dollars a day and to get and keep a job is a job in itself so make sure their boss doesn’t hear what your doing. Then you don’t have to do it on the streets and be overran by kids.I think its a great idea and it will give you extra space in your luggage coming back fro items you bought while there.

  2. yes, they are all over mexico, wheverer you go. unlike the US, most of these people all of them are legitimate and really do need help. however, the gov’t and many others will warn you not to give money because what happens is that many parents keep these kids out of school, or up all night, to beg for money. it perpetuates the problem. but just as here you could voice the same arguement and there are several solutions. so if you would like to take old clothes, then go ahead and do that. there is a central church in vallara, very easy to see, where you could drop these clothes off that way you won’t have the “frenzy” as someone else suggested. or simply find a child who is not around other children, and give him/her the clothes.

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