“Little Steps of Light” (Pasitos de Luz)

Because of the success of our 10 X 10 child sponsorship program for children living at RISE, we have decided to extend a similar opportunity for you to help children at Pasitos de Luz, an amazing daycare/therapy center for children suffering from various debilitating conditions, through our new “Little Steps of Light” program.  The needs of these children are different in many ways than those of the children living at RISE since they come to Pasitos daily for physical stimulation and therapy, education, and nutritious meals, but are home with their families at night, on weekends, and during vacation breaks.  However, because of the intensive assistance requirements of these special individuals, the cost for their care is higher.  Many cannot feed themselves; sit, stand or move without help; speak or hear; and most, ranging in age from 1 year to 20 years, wear diapers.

So, here’s how you can get involved:

  • $25 will buy diapers and other hygiene needs for “your child at Pasitos” for an entire month;
  • $50 per month will cover educational materials and specialists to work with “your child at Pasitos” each day;
  • $75 will cover medical care and specialized equipment plus therapy sessions for “your child at Pasitos” for 1 month;
  • $100 per month will cover the cost of three special, nutritious meals per day for “your child at Pastitos”.

PLEASE send your donation right away to Children’s Shelter of Hope Foundation marked “little steps” and let us know your preferences of age and gender.  We will then send you photos and information about “your child at Pasitos”.

Your monthly gift to this extraordinary center will help them provide “little steps of light” to these special children for a brighter future.


2 thoughts on ““Little Steps of Light” (Pasitos de Luz)”

  1. I visited Pasitos de Luz in May while on vacaion. I was very moved by how dedicated and loving the staff were. God bless each and eveyone one of them. I would like to become a monthly sponser of $25.

  2. Hi Lila-

    So sorry that I did not see your comment until now. We would be very happy to accept your monthly donation and pass it on to Yolanda and the rest of the staff at Pasitos.

    THANK YOU for your willingness to help,

    Chris Amo
    President of Children’s Shelter of Hope Foundation

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