Addendum – FIRE!!!

Fire 1About two hours after we sent out our last newsletter from Children’s Shelter of Hope Foundation last Friday, I had a phone call from Bety at Sendero saying that there had been a large, devastating fire about two blocks from their center at New Beginnings, next to the recently closed dump.  The fire completely destroyed the “homes” of four families, who had been living in shacks made of cardboard and tar-IMG_2257paper, and working at the old dump at night to recover and sell anything they could find there.  If life was not difficult for them already, they have now lost EVERYTHING.  The photos here show these “homes” ten days ago when my sister, Susan, and I went to this exact location to serve a lunch of fresh vegetable soup, and then the same space on Friday afternoon.

Fire 2These families, plus several others who had damage to their homes, have now been offered temporary shelter at the New Beginnings/Sendero site so that they have a place to stay and consistent meals.  They need clothing, bedding, basic cooking supplies, etc. as we begin to explore options for new housing.  If you are in PV now and have items to give to these families, please contact Chris right away.  If you are able to make a donation toward rebuilding new homes for these sad people in desperate need of support, please send your donation, marked “FIRE” to our foundation, CSHF, at P.O. Box 772025, Steamboat Springs, CO 80477 right away.

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