Fairies Rock

DSCN1838At least that is what my sister, Susan (AKA – The Sock Fairy and our foundation Treasurersaid during her recent visit to Puerto Vallarta as she delivered over 132 pairs of colorful, sturdy socks donated through her by SmartWool in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  The Sock Fairy, in full costume, delighted the children at Refugio Infantil Santa Esperanza (RISE) with her bright green wig and sock outfit, as she distributed new pairs of socks to every child.  In addition, several pairs of socks were given out to all of the children who came for “Homework Club” at Sendero de Esperanza y Amor on the day that the Sock Fairy arrived.

DSCN1927The children at RISE enjoy visits from November through April as well fromThe Shoe Fairy. Although lacking a cute costume and wig, the Shoe Fairy is able to work some magic several times each month by whisking away five or so deserving children in her car to buy new school shoes or tennis shoes and usually a treat afterwards of ice cream or nachos (a new favorite choice this year).  Over this past high season in Puerto Vallarta the Shoe Fairy has been able to purchase 63 pairs of shoes because of donations from amazing contributors like Micaela Hurtuk who has raised over $600 since January to help the Shoe Fairy.  A donation of $25 will buy a new pair of school shoes or tennis shoes and a special treat for a child at RISE and will help them to believe in the magic of fairies forever.

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