Backpack Lack


When we checked last week on current needs at both RISE and Sendero, the clear response from staff and the children at both locations was Backpacks!! It seems that we are now half way through the school year and that is how long backpacks last here in Mexico with the heavy use they receive each day.  With 35 school-age children at RISE and the new project for Sendero at the New Beginnings center, supporting several hundred impoverished school-age children, THIS IS A MAJOR CONCERN!  So, we at Children’s Shelter of Hope Foundation, are declaring February as the Month of the Mochila (Backpack).  For a donation of $20 US/CDN we can overcome this problem quickly and make many children very happy.  Please send your donation or make a contribution through PayPal, marked “For Backpacks” right away.



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