Hope in the Future

DSCN1849One of our board members, Teresa, recently told us about an amazing man she met begging near the beach – Pedro.  This special 24-year-old, pictured below with his wife and two children, lost both of his legs and one arm when he accidently touched an electrical wire while working at a construction site here in Puerto Vallarta about 5 years ago.  Through the months following this devastating accident, his life seemed bleak as his wife gave birth to their second child.  Pedro, who lives in a rented home with no electricity or running water in a remote area outside of PV, decided that to move forward with his life he must be able to drive his car again, so he and his father devised an intricate system of sticks, platforms, and levers in the cab of his car.  He now drives into town each day to look for handouts and donations by pressing the gas pedal and braking with the muscles in his butt, and steering with his one arm.

DSCN1850Pedro has a positive attitude about his future now, but needs some help from us.  Teresa’s goal, with support from CSHF, is to purchase a small piece of land and build a real house for Pedro and his family.  In addition, through the Sendero SOS- Sponsor One Student program, we want to send Pedro to school to learn English and computer skills that will open doors for employment and opportunities for a productive fulfilling life.

Please help to change Pedro’s future by sending a donation right away marked “For Pedro.” THANK YOU!

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