Swinging into Spring

DSCN1876Yet another miracle occurred recently for the children living at RISE.  A visitor during the holiday season came to RISE and saw a need – a more appropriate play structure specifically for the younger children who are in the nursery area upstairs – and then went home to tell all of her friends in the Beverly Shores, Indiana area about it.  Over the course of a month donations began to arrive to Children’s Shelter of Hope Foundation regularly marked “For the Swings.” By mid-March sufficient funds were raised by this magnificent group to purchase an amazingly wonderful structure complete with a play house, slide, two DSCN1806swings, and a rocker swing.  By late March the structure was delivered and assembled and the “swinging good time” began.  Another volunteer noted that the weather is heating up now, limiting the use of this special addition, and last week donated enough money for the purchase of a large carport canopy so the children can now swing and slide in the comfort of shade.  THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU who have made this happen or have participated in other miracles to make the children happy through your love.

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