RISE, one of our main “ships” is floundering now and asking for immediate help to cover the costs of their basic needs.  Due to the poor results from their major fundraising event last February and lower than normal donations during the long summer months, the RISE administrators now find themselves in CRITICAL need of assistance for funds to buy food, medicine, and pay the electric bill, which is always high during the summer.

There is always the unexpected at RISE – in August a family of three arrived at RISE.  They were in dire need of medical treatment and, of course, also needed clothes, shoes, and a “real” bed.  We, at the Children’s Shelter of Hope Foundation, have faithfully continued to make our monthly contributions to RISE, but we do not have sufficient funds to fill this MAJOR GAP.

Please, if you care about the continued success of RISE in providing for the needs of these very special children, send a donation RIGHT AWAY, marked “SOS for RISE” through our U.S. Children’s Shelter of Hope Foundation or through our Canadian partner foundation – Stevenson Ministries Foundation – New Beginnings Mexico .  All proceeds raised will be given directly to RISE to meet their current needs.

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