Childhood Memories

Do you have a childhood friend who is still there for you?  Or a sibling you shared a bedroom with and at times, talked to till the wee hours of the night?  The Refugio Infantil Santa Esperanza (RISE) always reminds me that there are such children residing within its walls – children who many not be related through family ties, but who are together through situations beyond their control.

BFThrough the generosity of donors like you, RISE has been transformed into a wonderful testament of what can be accomplished together.  Although projects like new bathrooms and playground equipment are completed, we must never lose sight of the fact that this is NOT just a beautiful, empty building….instead it is the home for many children.  This “home,” this “refuge,” this “haven,” will be where their childhood memories are formed, their values strengthened and for most, their education completed. That is why your continued support is so vital!

Bella and Fatima are such children.  Many years ago I took a picture of them.  A recent photograph shows how they have grown and thrived in the nurturing environment that is RISE.  Both have known no other home.

Under the caring wings of a dedicated staff and generous supporters like you, we are confident that Bella and Fatima, and other children like them, will continue to have a safe place to call home.  To enrich the lives of all the children at RISE, some of the experiences we enjoyed in of our youth are now being offered to them. Each Saturday many of the children participate in the Boy and Girl Scouts program, taking hikes into the mountains or working to earn another badge.  During this summer break they are also attending the  “boot camp” program that Chris wrote about in her article.  And several of our girls who love to sing are being offered the change to lift their voices together –  a video on our website shows an impromptu performance.

It is a struggle each year to raise the essential funds needed to pay for just the basic expenses for this home called RISE. Our needs are even greater right now as we help the staff prepare the children for the beginning of school.  It is also hard for all of us at the Children Shelter of Hope Foundation to ask again for your help.   But this year we have an exciting opportunity that we know you will want to participate in – that being a matching funds campaign!!!!  Are you ready to join us?

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