The Shoe Fairy in Puerto Vallarta

by Pauline Wallis

DSCN2278I remember the tooth fairy because I put a tooth under my pillow at night and the next morning, it was replaced with 25 cents.  I remember the tooth fairy because my children put a tooth under their pillow at night and the next morning, it was replaced with 1 dollar.  But I do not remember the shoe fairy—and there is a shoe fairy in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

DSCN2283A family from Idaho vacations here for a week or two in February.  They stay at a hotel on the beach

in old town where there are many vendors who bring their children along.  The youngest daughter, Micaela, who is currently 16 years old was adopted.  She felt a strong kinship with the many Vallarta children who are without the support of their biological parents.  Micaela was fortunate and has a close, strong, nurturing adoptive family.  She knows how lucky she is and wanted to do something for those children who did not find a loving, caring home.  Several years ago, after learning about children in Puerto Vallarta who had been abandoned, abused or neglected but were currently living at a children’s shelter, Micaela asked to visit the Refugio Infantil Santa Esperanza (RISE).

She felt so connected to these children that upon returning to Idaho, this amazing young woman decided what her role would be.  Learning that shoes are a vital need for both school and play Michaela has become a shoe fairy.  Since children outgrow their shoes the needs are ongoing.  Since 2013, Micaela has been fundraising in Idaho during her school year in order to provide for this important need.  Her goal is to raise $2000USD.  In 2014 she raised $1400.   

The shoe fairy fund is a component of the Children’s Shelter of Hope Foundation.  The President of our foundation asks the RISE director to recommend the recipient children based upon need and behavior.  Generally every two weeks, 5 children are taken to the shoe store to pick out the shoes they want and then go for an ice cream or nacho treat.  It is a special day out.  Recent recipients come from both Corazan de Niños and Refugio Infantil Santa Esperanza.  This last February, Micaela, our very special PV shoe fairy went with the children to buy shoes and have a treat.  Kudos to Micaela!      

Please join Micaela’s efforts by making a donation now to the shoe fairy fund on our website at Since early November CSHF has purchased over 100 pair of shoes for the children. A donation of $25 will buy a new pair of school shoes or tennis shoes plus a special treat and will make a child in need VERY HAPPY!

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