What’s New at the Children’s Shelter of Hope?



We are excited to announce the launching of our new website.  Thanks to the diligent work of Dylan, our Treasurer and Communications Coordinator, plus all of our board members, we have a fresh new look which features completely updated information about our foundation and projects, a Blog, connections to Facebook and Twitter, and much more.  Check us out right away at http://cshf-us.org. Please let us know what you think of our new site by sending an email to info@cshf-us.org  We are proud of what we have put together; however, we are ALWAYS open to your comments and suggestions.

Also, please join us in welcoming the two newest board members to our team at Children’s Shelter of Hope Foundation (CSHF): Judy McCormick and Teresa Ryssemus.

Judy McCormick and her husband, Warren, from Gig Harbor, Washington have been friends of RISE and CSHF for many years.  They have both spent lots of time volunteering at RISE in the past and have a deep love for children in Mexico.  Judy is a talented writer, has tons of great ideas, has a HUGE heart, and is a wonderful return-board member to our foundation.

Teresa Ryssemus has also been a part of the RISE family and a generous donor to CSHF for many years.  She was born in Columbia, married her Dutch husband, Henk (a very charming and romantic story), and they now live in California and spend the winter months in Puerto Vallarta.  Teresa has been involved in helping children and families in many areas around PV and adds some new visions to our foundation.

You can send notes to any of our board members now directly through our website Board of Directors page.

If you are interested in joining our dedicated, hardworking group please email us..

 Bienvenido to both Judy and Teresa!!

Please note that CSHF is continuing as before with our active involvement and monthly funding at RISE and Pasitos de Luz and is no longer affiliated in any way with Canadian Children’s Shelter of Hope Foundation nor their new partner foundation Changing Tomorrow Today.

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