The Joy of Giving

Whenever we give money to a worthy cause, we do it with the faith that somewhere, somehow, someone is going to benefit from our donation. And that makes us feel good.  But imagine how much joy we would feel if we could see at least a photo of the person who was being helped and if we knew something about that person and their needs.


That is exactly what the 10×10 program provides:  photos and information about a specific child at the Refugio who is being helped by the CSHF. For $10.00 a month, or $120.00 a year, each donor has a personal connection with an individual child.

The best part is that those who are able to visit Puerto Vallarta can go to the Refugio and meet their child (or children) in person.  The following three letters tell how delightful the experience can be.

In March I visited the Refugio and saw Cayetano, the child I donate to through the 10X10 Program. I sat on the floor and handed out the toy cars I had brought to six 2 and 3 year olds. They were thrilled, and they truly touched my heart. It was so easy to bring so much joy to kids who have so little. Supporting the Refugio through the 10X10 Program is simple and can make such a big difference, not only in a child’s life, but in the life of the donor.

Gerald Meloy



The joy of sponsoring a child and having her photo on my desk was nothing compared to visiting her, hugging her, and actually seeing the Refugio. It was one of life’s highlights. Visiting the Refugio and providing even the most basic items to the children makes contributing to the 10X10 program even more meaningful.

Jerrine Barrett



One Sunday afternoon, I visited RISE to see Chely, the girl who had inspired me to contribute to RISE through the 10X10 program.  She is an excellent student and the “mother figure” to her four other siblings who also reside there. It was a good day to visit since she was not in school.  She hugged me and with a loving smile, showed me that she appreciated the fact that I cared about her.  Then I met the rest of her family.  They were all charming and responsive kids. You could tell that they were happy to be there and to have each other.  Pancho kept hugging his little sister, Perla. Contributing to this program is my pleasure since there is no doubt that these kids need the support and are thriving at this unique place.

MaryAnn Saunders


Any time, past or future, you have an experience with the child you help through the 10×10 program, please write a few sentences to tell us about it! Send a photo, too, if possible.  Others will be able to share in your “joy of giving.”



2 thoughts on “The Joy of Giving”

  1. I’m happy to help such a beautiful child like Marisol in the 10 x 10 program! While we’ve never met, I hope she knows that others in the world care about her. She’s very fortunate to have the dedication of many staff, volunteers, and especially the nurturing care of my sister, Chris.

  2. Susan, thank you for your very kind words and for your continued help to support Marisol. Thanks to people like you, Marisol is very aware that “others in the world care about her.” She is a beautiful and accomplished young teen, and I hope that you will be able to meet her one day.

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