A Matter of Trust



Our foundation expenses are incredibly low (under 3 percent). People have commented frequently that a unique and attractive feature about our foundation is that we are small and PERSONAL.  We as board members are volunteers, involved and committed to helping the children in need here in Mexico.  We know the children at RISE and at Pasitos– we agonize over their struggles and celebrate their successes.  We are there with the children regularly, full of ideas and dreams, and we have tender hearts.  We give tours, tell everyone about our work, take the children on outings, help at fundraising events …..  We are concerned, inspired, zealous advocates, PASSIONATE about GIVING CHILDREN HOPE.

Our foundation expenses, focused primarily on printing, our website, and communications, are incredibly low (under 3%  since we are not even producing or mailing out calendars this “lean” year).  We are careful guardians of the donations entrusted to us and do the very best we can to fulfill our promises to the people we work with and to the children.  WE CARE and we want to make a difference.  PLEASE write to us, TRUST US, and continue to support our efforts when you can.

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