To Everything There Is a Season

The shift of seasons during the past few months has brought much more that just changes in the weather for our foundation and our projects in Mexico.  After many years of guidance and devotion from Juan Carlos Rios and Sol Martinez Maciel, a new council was appointed in late August to oversee the operation of Refugio Infantil Santa Esperanza (RISE).  The new council is anxious to be more directly involved in fundraising and is planning for new changes at that facility now.  This has allowed us at Children’s Shelter of Hope Foundation to begin looking at new projects which expand our support for children and families.

We have also made some changes on the Board of Directors for our US foundation.   Mary Cashman, who had joined our board as Treasurer in February, will be focusing her efforts on the work of the new council at RISE and is no longer a part of our US board.  In addition, after many years of trying to cover the needs and demands of both the US and Canadian foundation boards together, Anne-Marie and Chris have decided to pull back some and concentrate more on our individual board efforts and fundraising.  Therefore this newsletter and other communications will no longer include activities and issues related to the Canadian Children’s Shelter of Hope Foundation.  If you would rather be only on their mailing list, please let us know right away and we will gladly honor your request.  We hope that our newsletters continue to provide a personal connection to the children for those who have not had the opportunity to visit or volunteer at one of our projects.

One other result of these changes is that we have a new address for sending your generous donations.  Effective immediately, all contributions should be sent to our address.  Please include your email address so that we can send you the tax receipt quickly and efficiently. 

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