Back to School 2 - RISEAs the school year draws to a close in Puerto Vallarta, the board members from Children’s Shelter of Hope Foundation must shift gears quickly and begin gathering funds for the next school year, which starts in mid-August.

Approximately 30 children from Refugio Infantil Santa Esperanza (RISE) will start the new school year in kindergarten, elementary school, or middle school; and approximately 30 more children at Corazon de Niña (Corazon) will be attending private schools or being homeschooled by teachers at that center.  We are being told that the Mexican government will again provide each child at RISE and Corazon with a backpack, 1 pair of pants or skirt, one shirt, and some basic school supplies; however each will still need school shoes, tennis shoes for gym classes, socks, and other supplies, and, in some cases, money for registration and tuition fees.

IMG_2236At Pasitos de Luz (Pasitos), many more children, unable to be mainstreamed into the public school system, will attend classes at the center (see the next article).

And, at Sendero de Esperanza y Amor, where we are assisting children and their families living in EXTREME poverty, there will be over 80 children attending the local public schools with no government assistance to help with their needs.  We want to provide each of these children with a backpack, one pair of shoes, a shirt, and some basic supplies so that they can arrive at school on that important first day proud, confident, and ready to learn.

DSCN2222In addition, the consistent, caring support of the tutors, teachers, and educational staff at each of these centers, whose salaries are funded by monthly donations from Children’s Shelter of Hope Foundation, is essential during the summer months as well as the school year to offer individual intervention, encouragement, and assistance with homework assignments and educational activities.

PLEASE help us to give all of these children the wings they will need for educational success by sending a donation, marked “For Education” right away.  Remember that you can easily donate using PayPal by going to our website – and clicking on the Donate Now button.


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