Caring for MORE!

PasitosChildren’s Shelter of Hope Foundation is happy to announce that we are once again expanding our efforts and support of children in need in the Puerto Vallarta area.  Effective immediately we are reinstating our monthly donations to Pasitos de Luz by paying the salary for one of their special education teachers.  Pasitos is an amazing daycare center that provides vital services, at no charge, to children from low income families with

extreme handicapping disabilities living in Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding communities. For more information about Pasitos de Luz check our website and their website at

CorazonIn addition we have decided to begin contributing monthly to Corazon de Niña, a relatively new shelter focused mainly on teenage girls (and now a few teenage boys) and their younger siblings. Their mission is: To provide a loving, nurturing and safe home for at-risk children where they can realize their full potential as happy, confident, fulfilled human beings.  Several of our board members have visited their shelter during the past few months and are very impressed with the loving, home-like feeling there.  We are now funding a part-time tutor/teacher to help with children who are being home-schooled at the center.  For more information about Corazon de Niña visit their website at

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