Boot Camp

042This past Spring CEA (Camp Athletic Evolution) invited the toddlers and kindergarten-age children at RISE to participate, free of charge, in a rigorous health and sports development program at their new, modern, well-equipped facility in Nuevo Vallarta.  Their “Boot Camp” is an innovative, stimulating, structured training program emphasizing the fun of physical activity and sports participation.  Several of us from Children’s Shelter of Hope Foundation, have had the opportunity to go along and observe these young children as they crawl through tunnels, jump over hoops, and walk on balance beams, while they giggle in delight.

046And, through the summer months, Boot Camp training, under the direction of Sports Manager Eduardo Figueroa and his capable staff, is being offered to the school-age children from RISE as well.  What a wonderful way to promote physical conditioning and exercise to insure a brighter future of hope for these special children.

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