Imagine the Smiles

DSCN1900-001 2The children at RISE enjoyed a very special outing, thanks to a generous donation to CSHF, during their two-week school break for Semana Santa – a trip to Rancho Capomo, a beautiful restaurant/ranch in Las Palmas about an hour outside of Puerto Vallarta. All of the children and staff were treated to a full day of swimming and playing on a large, well equipped
playground. However, the highlight for many of the children, and even some of the staff members (including Madre Mari and Madre Chuy) was to go on a 30-minute horseback ride down near the river and into the tropical rainforest area. The restaurant cooks provided an amazing Mexican lunch for all, as well.  After this fun packed day most of the children fell asleep on the ride back home, dreaming of their favorite steed and this wonderful setting for a very special day.

DSCN1925AND, another miraculous improvement has been made at RISE.  A frequent volunteer and VERY GENEROUS contributor noticed the need for a much larger refrigerator to replace the two tired out small ones that have attempted to keep food cold and fresh for the 40 + children living there for way too long.  From his past business experience he was convinced that what was needed was an industrial walk-in style refrigerator.  Hard to find in a place like Puerto Vallarta?? – not really.  You just need to have the vision and persistence to have it made.  After a couple of weeks of negotiation and preparation the new HUGE refrigerator is now installed and fully functioning.  The cook, Cira, and the 3 Madres are amazed; the children are excited to see such a thing and are enjoying the increase in cold beverages, fresh fruits and vegetables, etc., and, some of the volunteers are looking forward to spending time inside it picking out lunch items during the long, hot summer months.  If you plan to be in Puerto Vallarta during the next few months please help to keep this refrigerator and the pantry full by donating food items such as yogurt, cheese, fruits and vegetables.

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