Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard

Medicine 2Do you remember the nursery rhyme about Old Mother Hubbard’s empty cupboard?  Well, we have a serious medical resource problem at both RISE and Sendero.  The medicine/first aid cupboards are VERY DEPLETED and so are the special funds set aside to purchase more necessities.   RISE recently experienced a major simultaneous outbreak of head lice, impetigo AND scabies – major and contagious problems, if not treated immediately. Children’s Shelter of Hope Foundation sent an extra $300 in emergency funds for purchasing lice shampoo, lotions and gels, plus antibiotics, creams and fumigation liquids to stop the outbreak from spreading and temporarily correct the problem; however additional supplies and funds will be needed soon to prevent a reoccurrence.

MedineIn addition, both RISE and Sendero are in immediate need of basic non-prescription medications and medical supplies, such as children’s vitamins, cold and cough medicine, diaper rash ointment, bandages, etc.  If you are able to contribute large quantities of any medical items or to make a donation toward these very important needs, please send us an email right away PLEASE help us to insure that Mother Hubbard’s special children at RISE and Sendero can stay healthy and happy.

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