Summer Camp at Sendero

By Bety Flores Olvera

FB_IMG_1442854394615Four full weeks of fun and activities were available this summer to the 89 children who participated in Sendero’s first summer camp.  The children, who live in extreme poverty with their families in the communities of Gardenia and Madre Selva near the site of the old dump, had experiences that they will remember for a life-time.  The camp was sponsored by the Seaver Foundation, an organization in England which provides groups of trained and motivated volunteers for a month at a time at both RISE and Sendero.  The volunteers planned different events and each day of the summer camp led the group of children, ranging in age from 5 to 15 years old.  Each day included activities such as sports, dance, music, art, cooking, and English classes.

FB_IMG_1442854401548In addition, several outings were planned.  The younger children were able to go to a movie (a first for most, for sure), and 46 of the older children went to see some dolphins and learn about how to care for the rivers in their area.

The smiles, learning, and excitement were constant and certainly made the summer go by very quickly. Thank you to the Seaver Foundation for giving these children love and hope.

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