Summer Camp at Sendero

By Bety Flores Olvera

FB_IMG_1442854394615Four full weeks of fun and activities were available this summer to the 89 children who participated in Sendero’s first summer camp.  The children, who live in extreme poverty with their families in the communities of Gardenia and Madre Selva near the site of the old dump, had experiences that they will remember for a life-time.  The camp was sponsored by the Seaver Foundation, an organization in Continue reading “Summer Camp at Sendero”

A SPLASH of an Adventure

by Jada Garber

In March I was lucky enough to travel down to Puerto Vallarta with over 125 lbs. of puzzles, toothpaste, coloring books, and crayons for children at Children’s Foundation of Hope’s projects; as well as over $100 worth of GREAT socks donated by Smartwool. My Aunt, Chris Amo, and my mother, Susan Solomon, had prepared me for quite the adventure.

image2In Continue reading “A SPLASH of an Adventure”

Three Families in Need

By Maria Beatriz Flores Olvera (Bety) – Psychologist at New Beginnings/Sendero


SantosWe have three special families living in the area of the Old Dump near the New Beginnings facility, who need help in different ways.  Their situations are not good, but our biggest concern is for THE CHILDREN.

JoanaThe first case is JOANA.  She is a 5-year-old child who has been diagnosed with microcephaly, a rare neurological condition in which a child’s head is significantly smaller than normal.  This can occur because of a variety of genetic and environmental factors, and often results in developmental issues.  Joana does not talk and is sick frequently.  She needs a special medical test that will cost about 2,900 pesos (about $230 US).  Recently she started having convulsions.  Joana need to drink ENSURE milk every day, but her family cannot afford it. She also needs diapers and diaper wipes.

Another struggling family is that of Santos Cortez and his three children.  The children’s mother left them last spring and moved to a different city.  The oldest child has to take care of the two little ones while the father is working at the dump.  Nayeli is 7 years old, in the second grade and is very smart.  She cooks for the family and does everything in the house.  Her brother Antonio is in first grade and the little one, Alexander, stays at home or with a neighbor when Santos is at work.  New Beginnings and Sendero are helping this family with therapy, as well as medical and educational supplies.  They need a sponsor to help with basic food, clothing and cleaning items.

BathroomThe third family of concern is the one of Don Santos, a 65-year-old man with three grandchildren.  His son left the three children with him a year ago and has never come back.  Dulce is 8 years old and in second grade; Christopher is 6 years old and in first grade; and Cristian is 5 years old and just started to go to kindergarten.  Don Santos needs help to support his family since he cannot work because he is sick much of the time.  New Beginnings and Sendero are providing medicines and school supplies; however, like the other two families these children need basic food, clothes, beds and A DECENT BATHROOM.

Please help, if you can, by sending a donation for Sendero to Children’s Shelter of Hope Foundation.  THANK YOU.

Volunteering at Refugio Infantil Sanata Esperanza


The following touching story was submitted by 16 year old Maya Cortez from Lexington, Mass. after volunteering with her family at RISE in August.
IVolunteering had an amazing experience volunteering at RISE. Everyone welcomed us with open arms and huge smiles. I will never forget the minute I walked into RISE: a little boy, who later was introduced to me as David, took me by the hand and starting leading me around his home. This kind of affection was displayed by everyone I met at RISE, children and guardians alike. As for the kids, I think they really enjoyed having someone watch them in awe, as they kept doing the same trick with the bouncy ball, and to have someone who would play ten games in a row of connect four. The expression on their faces when I gave in to one more piggy-back ride was priceless. We also enjoyed playing soccer with them, and teaching them new soccer skills. While at RISE, I was also able to make a special dinner of hamburgers and fruit salad for everyone, Volunteering2staff included. I realized how much of a treat it actually was when all I heard the whole day were questions about when dinner would be ready. I also learned how fast news travels on the playground at RISE because the moment I walked out of the kitchen I had two kids wrapped around my legs saying that they heard they would be having hamburgers for dinner and wondering if the rumors were true. My trip to RISE has made me further appreciate how lucky I am to be able to travel the world putting smiles on the faces of people less fortunate than I. Saying our final goodbye was extremely hard, but it was made easier when we promised to return in the future, “Si Dios quiere”.


For more information on volunteering or visiting RISE, click here.