Thank you to New Beginnings and Sendero


WP_001226Many of you are aware from our newsletter articles and other publicity that Sendero de Esperanza y Amor (Pathway of Hope and Love) has moved their efforts and focus to the Bosque de Progreso neighborhood (site of the old dump) in order to partner with the New Beginnings Mexico ( facility to support children and families living there in extreme poverty. Andy and Janet Stevenson from New Beginnings have established strong relationships with that community and are offering educational, vocational, nutritional, legal, and medical assistance. Sendero, as a part of the developing relationship between New Beginnings and Children’s Shelter of Hope Foundation, is now extending this effort with the teens and children there by:

1. Providing scholarships and material support through the SOS program to strong, dedicated students in danger of dropping out of school for financial reasons;
2. Offering daily tutoring for homework and enrichment opportunities for students at the New Beginnings facility;
3. Arranging for doctor, nurse, and dentist assistance to provide services to the children on a regular basis; and
4. Developing activities specifically for babies and toddlers to stimulate their growth and development.

A recent visitor to the New Beginnings facility, Jeannette Coulpier, shared the following comments:

WP_001129“I just want to report on what a wonderful day I enjoyed on Friday, February 14th. Thank you all so much for making this happen for me. When I arrived at New Beginnings I met Janet and Andy, and also Bety from Sendero. I sat with the children until soup time and helped the little ones make valentines. Bety and Alejandra worked with some children on school skills. One little girl’s grandfather came in to show his beautiful paintings he would like to sell. Many ladies were busy making wonderful neck scarves with beads and crystals to sell at local markets. Children played all around in the dirt piles making fun from whatever they found or thought up.

I met Eva and Christina cooking the biggest pot of soup I have ever seen. I met other volunteers who came to help serve lunch and prepare dispensa bags. We packaged 100 packs of rice and beans to be handed out on Sunday. When the soup was finished we drove it blocks away to serve it to the many children who came running. I felt like Santa Clause as it was Valentines Day and I got to hand out a lollipop and marshmallows to each child along with a vitamin. HOW FUNNY IS THAT!! Thank you, thank you to Andy and Janet and the others for this special experience and the wonderful work you are doing.”

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