Giving Back

Mimi's party 070 copyCancer. Alzheimer’s. These are two of our most feared words, and I hope you and your family are never touched by either of these diseases. In my case, I have seen my husband fight lung cancer and my mother live with Alzheimer’s.  But I have learned that with the right knowledge and action we can survive cancer and prevent Alzheimer’s.Some of you may remember me from the years when I was on the Continue reading “Giving Back”

Super Student – Estefania

20150805_110138Estefania Candelaria Partita Betancourt has just started her third and final year of middle school and is 14 years old.  She is a strong and motivated student with a grade-point average of 8.9 out of a possible 10 and is seeking financial assistance through Sendero’s SOS (Sponsor One Student) program.  She is a very happy girl who smiles all the time and is optimistic and helpful to other people.

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