The Giving Gift

AlongIMG_0322 with the Holiday Season come gift lists.  Each year I spend hours scratching my head for a gift that special someone would need, like, and enjoy.  But most of us already have so much that it gets harder each year….and that is when I thought to myself, why don’t I give a gift that will bring happiness and hope to a child?  With that in mind I wrote this poem.  If you’d like to share a gift that gives to needy children, please send your donation to Children’s Shelter of Hope Foundation by December 15th.  Please include the name, street address, city, state and zip code along with the email address for the friend(s)/ family that your gift honors.  I’ll send them a lovely card with my poem.

I’ve taken some time,

And given it some thought.
When it comes to gifts,
I think we all have a lot.

A lot of candles and bobbles,
And books we won’t read,
Cookies and candies,
With calories we don’t need!

So this year, I’ve decided
To do something new.
A gift from my heart,
In honor of you.

I’ve made a donation,
To help the very poor,
At a Mexican refuge,
Providing shelter and more.

And although you can’t hold it,
Abandoned children will know,
That all of us together,
Are helping them grow!



For more information about this very special shelter and our 10 x 10 child sponsorship program, please check the website for Children’s Shelter of Hope Foundation at and help to pass on this idea of the Giving Gift!!

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